High performance Door Entry Systems

The BTicino D45 Door Entry System is a security monitoring system using serial devices connected using Digital Bus technologies.

The system is designed to perform a number of functions such as call, doorbell, security monitor, unlock, network and alarms. It has custom built functions to provide solutions for the unique challenges that different types of housing projects pose. Not to forget, it does it all using smart power supply thereby reducing the impact on the environment and on your budget.

Main features:

Colour indoor unit with alarm function, 7 inch TFT LCD screen, acrylic pushbuttons, 8 defence area alarming, wall-mounting and super-slim frame. This is a unique, innovative model with a stylish design.

  • 7" low power consumption LED backlit LCD display
  • High strength ABS plastic case
  • Attractive, easy-clean acrylic pushbuttons
  • Complete door entry functions with alarm management
  • 12 different ring tones selectable for different call types
  • Voltage surge protection
  • Wall-mounting

The handset is compatible with the follwing enterence panels

Digital Enterance Panle

Built with a Zamak alloy die-cast panel, the elegant, luxurious keyboard has touch sensitive pushbuttons and is used to call and communicate directly with the indoor unit. It comes with a colour camera and a blue night light display.

Main features:

  • All door entry functions, including monitoring, call, conversation, unlock, etc.
  • Volume adjustment
  • Blue LCD backlight and LCD display to guide user operation
  • Downloadable address book
  • Visitors can call the indoor unit and the porter switchboard
  • Anti-removal alarm
  • Colour CCD camera can be adjusted for optimum performance
  • Software can be updated with no need to open the cover
  • Keyboard is designed with an automatic night light
  • Automatic alarm when door open too long
  • Video menu settings
  • CCD super-bright LED light compensation
  • Parameters of the entry panels can be set
  • Unlock with password

Small Colour Entrance Panel

Very suitable for apartments, the small independent video entrance panel is made of aluminium alloy that brings in luxury & class. Equipped with a colour camera and a touch sensitive pushbutton, the panel can be used to call and communicate directly with the indoor unit and is a stable performer.

Main features:

  • Aluminium alloy panel
  • Protection index: IP 54
  • Protection against dust
  • User-friendly design
  • Double verified intercom calls