Full Service Program

Protronics technologies offers as one of its many exclusives what is commonly referred to as its “Full Service” Program. This Full Service does not leave anything out and in fact, goes way beyond what any other company in the security industry is willing to provide. This program of service has been ranked by industry peers as the best service package in the business and is truly “Second to None”.

Exclusive Warranty

Protronics believes that service is of the utmost importance. Consequently, we have a uniquely designed program for our customer’s convenience. One of the exclusive benefits of our program is our warranty. With each system installed, we provide a full one (1) year warranty for parts and labor. This overrides any manufacturer’s warranty and shows the confidence we have in the quality of the equipment we propose to use in your installation.

Exclusive Service Hours/Response

Another exclusive found only at Protronics is our 12/7 on call service. Our service technicians are on call 24/7 hours a day for phone support and online support and are therefore always ready to respond to your needs.

Exclusive Fix or Replace Policy

Exclusive to our service is our fix-or-replace policy. That policy simply states that if any defective component cannot be repaired at the site, we simply replace it with a new component and remove the defective one. This policy has served our customers well in minimizing system downtime, thereby providing more continuity in the security.

Exclusive Preventative Maintenance

Protronics believes that maintenance is as important if not more important than the service we provide. Since our program is an “all inclusive” program, we provide ongoing maintenance of all systems including software, firmware and if required, upgrade of the hardware itself. We also peform routine system check-ups, hard disk testing or cleanings and backups of critical configuration files for increased performance and stability of our systems.

No Obsolescence Program

Only Protronics has a program to eliminate obsolescence. As advanced video technology becomes available, USA will automatically upgrade its customers with the newest technology and renew our service agreement without increasing program rates.

Technology Upgrades Guaranteed Renewal

We use the very latest in CCTV technology today; however, as technology advances, you may want to upgrade your system with the newer technology in the future. We offer our customers the ability to upgrade their systems, in the future, with the latest in technology. Provided the upgrade is a comparably sized system, we will renew our agreement with the exact same terms with no increase for inflation.